Gérard Audinet
Museum Director, Maisons Victor-Hugo


Gérard Audinet is an art historian, curator and museum director. He co-curated the 2018 exhibition on psychiatric art at the Victor Hugo museum of Paris. 


Marc Décimo
Art Historian and Writer, Université Paris-Nanterre


Marc Décimo is an art historian, writer and linguist. He wrote several publications on art brut including Des fous et des hommes avant l’art brut.


Savine Faupin
Lead Curator of Outsider Art
, LaM Museum


Savine Faupin is an art historian and the curator in charge of the Outsider Art department of the Lille Métropole Museum of Modern, Contemporary and Outsider Art.


Fabrice Flahutez
Art Historian, Université Paris-Nanterre


Fabrice Flahutez is an art historian specialised in Surrealism, he has written over 20 publications on the subject. He also teaches art history at the University of Nanterre.


Siri Husvedt
Writer and Scholar


Siri Husvedt is a writer and scholar who has written widely about art, psychiatry, psychoanalysis and neuroscience. Her work bridges the gap between the humanities and the sciences.


Choghakate Kazarian
Curator, Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris


Choghakate Kazarian is an art historian and curator at the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris. She commissioned the Henry Darger exhibition in 2014.


Martine Lusardy
Museum Director, Halle Saint Pierre


Martine Lusardy is the director of Europe’s biggest museum dedicated to Outsider Art and Art Brut, the Halle Sainte-Pierre. She wrote many publications on Art Brut.


Victoria Northwood
Former Director, Bethlem Museum of the Mind


Victoria Northwood is an archivist and the former director and head of archives of the Bethlem Museum of the Mind, one of the leading museum of art by psychiatric patients.


Jean-Jacques Plaisance
Gallery Owner, Les Yeux Fertiles


Jean-Jacques Plaisance is the owner of iconic Paris gallery Les Yeux Fertiles, specialised in Surrealism and Art Brut. He is also a former biologist. 


Jamie Ruers
Art Historian, Freud Museum


Jamie Ruers is an art historian at the Freud Museum in London. She specialises in the links between Surrealism, Freud and psychoanalysis. 


Barbara Safarova
Art Historian, President of the ABCD Collection


Barbara Safarova is an art historian and curator specialised in art brut. She wrote dozens of publications and regularly gives conferences on art brut. 


Valérie Sueur-Hermel
Curator, Bibliothèque Nationale de France


Valérie Sueur-Hermel is an art historian and curator at the French National Library. She curated the exhibition Fantastique! L’estampe visionnaire de Goya à Redon.

José Ferreira
Writer and Professor, ESAD


José Ferreira’s publications include the book on the relationship between Dali and Lacan, Dali-Lacan, the Encounter: What the Psychoanalyst Owes to the Painter.

Bruno Decharme
Art Collector, ABCD Collection


Bruno Decharme is the owner of Europe’s largest collection of outsider art and art brut with over 4000 original artworks from all over the world.


Dr Anne-Marie Dubois
Psychiatrist and Curator, Hôpital Sainte-Anne


Dr Anne-Marie Dubois is a psychiatrist and curator of the exhibitions at hospital Sainte-Anne. She also wrote a four-volume publication on psychiatric art.


Stanislas Dehaene
Neuroscientist, Collège de France


Stanislas Dehaene is a cognitive neuroscientist and author whose research centers on numerical cognition and the neural correlates of consciousness.


Colin Gale
Archivist, Bethlem Museum of the Mind


Colin Gale is the archivist of Bethlem Museum of the Mind, with a large collection of art from Bethlem patients such as Richard Dadd, Louis Wain and Jonathan Martin.


Mike Jay
Writer and Cultural Historian


Mike Jay is the author and curator of Wellcome Collection’s exhibition This Way Madness Lies -  The Asylum and Beyond. He is also a trustee of the Bethlem Art and History Collection.


Laurie Lipton


Laurie Lipton is an artist from New-York. Inspired by Durer, Van Eyck and Goya, her huge drawings in black and white are incredibly detailed, with thousands of fine cross-hatching lines.


John Maizels
Author and Publisher, Raw Vision Magazine


John Maizels is the founder of Raw Vision, the international journal of outsider art. He is also the author of the Outsider Art Sourcebook and Raw Creation: Outsider Art and Beyond. 


Martin Myrone
Lead Curator, Tate Gallery


Martin Myrone is lead curator at Tate Gallery and is also the author of the book Gothic Nightmares: Fuseli, Blake and the Romantic Imagination.


Dr David O’Flynn
Psychiatrist, South London and Maudsley NHS Trust


Dr David O’Flynn is a psychiatrist and chair of the Adamson Collection, an internationally recognised collection of art by asylum patients. 


Claude Quétel
Historian and Writer, CNRS


Claude Quétel is a historian and writer. His publications include a history of madness and a fascinating study on the iconography of madness, Images de la folie.


Paul Rumsey
Artist, Béatrice Soulié Gallery


Paul Rumsey is an artist whose work follows the tradition of grotesque artists. Reminiscent of Goya, he works in charcoal and ink.


Sonu Shamdasani
Professor and Author, University College London


Sonu Shamdasani wrote on Carl Jung and on the history of psychiatry and psychology. Shamdasani also edited Jung’s major work, The Red Book.